Top tips for surviving the festive season

healthy christmasTis the season to be silly! It’s time to relax, enjoy, laugh, eat, drink and be merry! But it’s definitely not time to turn our backs on our healthy lifestyles! It’s time to enjoy… and SURVIVE the silly season!

My top 10 tips:

1. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget water is literally your best friend during the festive season. It helps to keep your metabolism going, helps prevent hangovers and is important for healthy, younger looking skin.
2. Make BETTER alcohol choices and have a “water spacer” – low carb beer, mix wine and soda, mix spirits with lime and soda to keep sugar down
3. Exercise! Holidays are NO excuse to stop exercising. You actually have more time to exercise!
Make it fun and make it social! Think backyard cricket, bike rides, swimming, beach walks.  Make it a priority and schedule it in! 

Keep active! Make exercise a priority and schedule it in.

4. Make social outings active! Instead of meeting friends for lunch, what about a morning walk and a healthy juice or brunch? Plan a trip to the river or the beach and include some activities to keep you moving – beach cricket, stand up paddle boarding, bike riding
5. Help with organising festive gatherings so you have input into the menu! Make sure there are healthy options available for each meal, including starters and nibbles. These tend to be the most dangerous.
6. Don’t overeat! Just because there’s amazing delish food in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat it all (I know… crazy right?). Think of the benefits: there will be more left overs for lunch the next day and you’ll stay on the healthy track!
7. Stack your plate with healthy green salads and don’t overdo the carbs.
8. Don’t overdo the sweet treats and try for the healthier options where you can. 

Choose healthier options whenever you can, whether it’s drinks, canapés, salads or desserts

9. If you fall off the wagon at one event or one meal DO NOT use it as an excuse to keep on going! Wake up the next day and make your next meal a healthy one! Don’t waste ANY brain space with regrets or being angry at yourself! Get a fresh start with some exercise, drinks heaps of water and eat good, nourishing healthy food. You’ll feel amazing in no time!
10. Last but not least, get inspired to make healthy meals by trawling Pinterest, Google and Instagram!

Got some tips of your own? Over to you! What are your top tips?

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