Meet Sharon

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I am a wife, daughter, friend, business-woman, but most importantly, I am a mother!

This was the reason I made the leap from my job as a consultant in the Human Resources industry, to running my own Arbonne business. I needed more freedom while earning an additional income for my family. I never though I’d end up here – I thought network-marketing companies were for people who couldn’t get a real job!

How wrong I was! I did my research and joined Arbonne for a number of reasons, namely; their philosophy, results, business model (very important to me!), brand credibility and the way their business actually changes lives! I share about this in more detail here.

I am passionate about people, in creating and cultivating relationships, and helping people to realise their potential.

I am driven by a need and desire to be of service to others and I value those people who seek new experiences, seek to better themselves, their lives or their circumstances. What energises me is seeing people succeed, seeing others discover their true potential and passion in life.

My experience in leadership coaching and managing change enables me to help others to build their own businesses by sharing what I have learnt. In just under 18 months I now have the good fortune of being able to design my work around my family and I’m creating a lifestyle I had only ever dreamed of. What I’ve realised is that it doesn’t matter what your background is, anyone can succeed in this business – their different strengths and experiences are always assets, while they learn the additional skills required to succeed with Arbonne.

In short – I am so blessed with the life I have created now.

I have the freedom to spend quality time with my family, contribute financially, keep them healthy and toxin-free, build a business I love and the ability to help others in my team achieve this lifestyle too!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you find it helpful and interesting, and please contact me if you would like to chat about my journey with Arbonne – or even come on it with me!